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Have you seen him?
Take one individual proffessional bird whittler who as studied birds an their natural habitats then give him a Stanley knife, a block of wood (lime) then ask him to whittle you a lifelike songbird.

Whittling bird projects have been bought and displayed not only in the UK but also in Italy,Germany, Switzerland and the USA

Natural Whittled Nuthatch

Natural whittled Nuthatch is handmade and takes around 8 to 40 hrs to complete, the bird is whittled from lime and the base is drift wood and sealed with a varnish.

£45.00 (Sold)  Contact the Artist

Whittled Treecreeper

Directory Find It has found a whittled Treecreeper by The Bird Whittler. He has the amazing skill not only to whittle birds from lime wood but then hand paint them to lifelike colours. This is a beautiful piece of workmanship crafted only with a Stanley knife. This would make a lovely gift for anyone who appreciates birds and handmade wooden products.
For Sale £195  Contact the Artist

Treecreeper whittled by The Bird Whittler

Treecreeper whittled

Whittled Thrush


Whittled Thrush Poster

Thrush by The Bird Whittler

Directory Find It found
The Bird Whittler

Demonstrating at the following events

Craft Fair
4th September
Trusthorpe Village Hall.
10.00 to 3.00

Sat 7th September
Samantha’s Coffee & Giftshop

Station Rd, Sutton on Sea,
Mablethorpe LN12 2HR

Whittled Wren


Whittled Wren is mounted on a natural piece of wood and sealed, this again is a one off, beautiful piece of workmanship crafted only with a Stanley knife from a block of lime wood.

Wren For Sale £220

(Contact the Artist, The Bird Whittler)


Whittled Greenfinch

This Whittled Greenfinch is a beautiful piece. It has taken many hours of whittling and careful painting to show its distinctive feathers. Finally, added to its natural wood mount it looks so life like you could mistake it for a real Greenfinch.

Whittled Greenfinch

Whittled Greefinch 2

Whittled Greefinch 3

For Sale £365  Contact the The Bird Whittler

Directory Find It found Bird Whittler Updates

Latest birds being whittled.
Wren (For Sale)
Great Tit
Nuthatch (already sold)
Robin (reserved)


Take a Stanley knife and whittling pack then whittle a Nuthatch

The bird whittler image

Bird whittling Nuthatch pack

Nuthatch Whittling Pack

Start a new hobby, learn how to bird whittle, with this easy to use Nuthatch pack.

The block is already cut to the shape, includes instructions and then all you need is a fixed blade Stanley knife and you can start whittling.

Ideal gift for someone or get one for yourself today and start whittling with this Nuthatch pack.

Bird Whittling Lessons Online

Full step by step video instructions on how to whittle a Nuthatch, take it slowly by watching the lessons and if you miss anything rewind and watch again.

The Bird Whittling Video Lessons online
1 to 10


The Bird Whittling Video Lessons online
11 to 20

After the purchase of  Video Lessons online you will be sent a password.

Whittled Robin by The Bird Whittler

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