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The Bird Whittler FAQ

The Bird Whittler, FAQ Question and Answer.

Question – Do you do bird whittling blocks for sale
Answer – Yes I do Nuthatch whittling packs, Click here

Question – Do you do lessons?
Answer – Join the Bird Whittler and follow him showing you step by step on how to whittler a Nuthatch, go here for details

Question – Do you have a Bird whittler newsletter and how do I get it sent to me
Answer –  No but if you Join me on Twitter you will see my updates.

Question – Can I buy finished whittled birds?
Answer – Customers can buy finished whittled birds, go to Twitter to see available birds.

Question – What type of wood do you use to whittle?
Answer – I use lime

Question – Are your bird’s whittled or wood carvings?
Answer – I class them as whittled.

Question – What type of whittling knife do you use?
Answer – I use a fixed blade Stanley Knife.

Question – What types of whittled songbirds do you do?
Answer – Great Tits, Blue Tits, Coal Tit, Long Tail Tit, Nuthatch, Tree creeper, Wren, Thrush, Blackbird, Robin, Blackcap, Spotted Flycatcher, Dunnock, Wagtails, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Bullfinch,

Question – How long does it take to whittle a bird?
Answer – About 8 to 40 hours to the first stage.

Question – How long does take to paint a bird?
Answer from 8 hrs to 3 months depending on the type of bird.

Question – What type of wood do you whittler
Answer – Lime

Question – Can I learn how to whittle other items?
Answer – Birds is the best way to start…

Question – Do you ever cut yourself?
Answer Only if you use the knife incorrectly.

Question – How long would it take a learner to whittle a bird?
Answer – this depends on the student’s own ability.

Question – What type of paint do you use?
Answer – Acrylic paint.

Question – Do you do any other birds?
Answer – Yes, I do wood feather inserted birds.

Question – Where do you find the pieces of wood for mounting the birds?
Answer – Weirs, hedges, woodlands etc.

Question – Are all the birds on plinths?
Answer No most are, but there are some just on driftwood or a plain block.

Question – Can I have more than one bird on a block?
Answer – Yes, message me on Twitter details or look at the web pages.