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Directory Find It found Grumpy Wood Crafts, his projects are made from upcycled timber such as vintage furniture, Generally finished with Natural Beeswax and Mineral Oil, Grumpy Wood Crafts makes a range of wooden toys,lorries,trucks and cars also is moving projects Automatas. see more

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Directory Find It found The Bird Whittler in Lincolnshire UK, Give him a Stanley knife, a block of wood (lime) then ask him to whittle you a lifelike songbird, Whittled birds can take from 8 to 40 hrs to complete and when handpainted for up to 6 months. click The Bird Whittler

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This mosaic looks great hanging from a window or on a wall and you can also put the stained glass bee vine outside but as everything outside it will get that weathered look. It comes boxed and ready to give as a gift. Find more about this mosaic stained glass bee vine